Yo F*** Demon Dolls!

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  1. EddieVR
    11 dagen geleden

    Head to keeps.com/eddie to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.

    1. Angel Luis Rosario Rodriguez
      Angel Luis Rosario Rodriguez
      2 dagen geleden

      Hey eddy you should try one of the best games in the world UNDERTALE and do the 3 stages: neutral pasifis and the homicide

    2. Nenas Senties
      Nenas Senties
      5 dagen geleden

      When are you going to play dead of night again???

    3. Jayden Wilson
      Jayden Wilson
      5 dagen geleden

      U Sound like Markiplier

    4. Angel Reyes
      Angel Reyes
      5 dagen geleden

      Eddie your losing hair?

    5. Claudia Vizcaino
      Claudia Vizcaino
      7 dagen geleden

      Eddddiiiiiiieeeeeee my madre is waiting for your next new videos!!!

  2. Void
    17 minuten geleden

    He screamed at something he wants

  3. - Sxp3rn0va -
    - Sxp3rn0va -
    2 uur geleden

    I really felt it at 9:48

  4. Scrawny Bear134
    Scrawny Bear134
    10 uur geleden

    Play the conjuring game

  5. progamerj08 h
    progamerj08 h
    10 uur geleden

    your videos are gold My friend said "do you watch EddieVR" and i was curious and looked it up Pure gold.

  6. Jill Williams
    Jill Williams
    13 uur geleden

    It would be funny if 1 of your links so whatever you call it let's called Taco brush /Ready

  7. TTV_Calvin
    18 uur geleden

    Hmm putting the apples to then the wine bottle.. me:WHY WHYYY DID U HAVE TO DO THIS

  8. Edwin jr
    Edwin jr
    19 uur geleden

    My favorite part was 29:16

  9. oscar garcia
    oscar garcia
    20 uur geleden

    part 3 please been waiting

  10. samantha kingdom
    samantha kingdom
    20 uur geleden


  11. samantha kingdom
    samantha kingdom
    21 uur geleden

    ya seen kera it sounded like you said :D

  12. Ozaoleri
    23 uur geleden

    2:43 his so brave

  13. Misael Hernandez
    Misael Hernandez
    Dag geleden

    Not to be rude but he screams like a girl

  14. clover the leaf wing
    clover the leaf wing
    Dag geleden

    No one: Literally no one: My best friend playing my whole collection of scary games;

  15. KawaiiKiwi
    Dag geleden

    25:52 Eddie "Im getting hungrier by the second you guys got SANDWITCH?" Me: Errr Eddie I don't think you want a sandwhich from there..😂

  16. Paul Sparrow
    Paul Sparrow
    Dag geleden

    Ayo, when the next one eddie?

  17. XAiex
    Dag geleden

    What vr headset do Eddie use?

  18. JeanC Rivera
    JeanC Rivera
    Dag geleden


  19. erin seibert
    erin seibert
    Dag geleden

    EddieVR quotes this video “That ghost be fartin fartin” -EddieVR “AHHHH oh it’s just a baby, baby is the tubbb” -EddieVR

  20. erin seibert
    erin seibert
    Dag geleden

    At 22:03 I had A 7UCKING HEART ATTACK

  21. erin seibert
    erin seibert
    Dag geleden

    Wait tf is a “cricket on crack”???🤣🤣

  22. erin seibert
    erin seibert
    Dag geleden

    Did he ligit say “THANK YOU!!!” Cause he was scared🤣🤣HE DID THE VOLDIMORT LAUGH 😂

  23. erin seibert
    erin seibert
    Dag geleden

    This is the funniest sh!t on the planet cause it’s exactly how I react in horror games 🤣🤣

  24. erin seibert
    erin seibert
    Dag geleden

    Me watch when he say that wheelchair better not move:😀 *when the wheelchair moves* Me : 😱😱😱😱😱☠️*heart attack Edit 5 seconds later: Me : *heart attack by painting*

  25. ꧁BrøwnieBøø꧂
    Dag geleden

    I’m going to give y’all all the best moments 0:59 when you see that smile, that’s when you know a sponsor is coming- 3:26 He acts like he is drunk lol 😂 5:36 that scream though! 😂 6:06 another scream 8:12 Let’s take a moment of silence and pray for him 😂 9:10 I don’t even know what to say 🤣 13:42 gets real poetic and deep lol 😆 14:42 Chesticles? 😂 15:01 another woman scream 🤣 16:13 the screams just don’t stop coming 😂 17:30 that face though! 😆 17:39 is he a rapper now? 17:49 what? 👁 👄 👁 18:04 another scream! 😂 18:16 goo goo ga ga? 😆 21:45 the difference.. 22:02 what’s with all the woman screams? 😂 23:11 “that ghost be farting, farting” 😂 I just got lazy and tired, and watch the whole video because that’s where the best experience is!

  26. cartoonzz2men masked gamer
    cartoonzz2men masked gamer
    Dag geleden

    Hi sup

  27. blue eagle playz
    blue eagle playz
    Dag geleden

    At 17:30 he looks like khaby lame

  28. insicurities
    Dag geleden

    Im suprised he compaired a chained up piano to mayonaise.

  29. Jaylee Miles
    Jaylee Miles
    Dag geleden

    Hola Eddie Me encantan tus videos de NLrock Eddie VR

  30. 2 dagen geleden

    i love your vids they are so cool your amazing

  31. shuichi saihara
    shuichi saihara
    2 dagen geleden

    He just did a girly scream-

  32. puffytuber
    2 dagen geleden

    hello can you do more doll and baby horror vids? not to put more pressure or anything its just because its really really funny

  33. Teanna Nedd
    Teanna Nedd
    2 dagen geleden

    EDDIE IN ALMOST ALL HIS VIDEO: aaaaa! F*ck long a** HALLWAY😂😂😂😂

  34. Teanna Nedd
    Teanna Nedd
    2 dagen geleden

    eddie:see's door😤😤 proseds to open it . Also eddie: DOLL HAGING WITH A ROP ON THE NICK JUMPS OUT EDDIE: aaaaaaa!! You B*TCH ME: NEARLY DIEING OF HEAR ATTACK WITH AIRPODS IN MY EAR

  35. Ken Wui
    Ken Wui
    2 dagen geleden

    Not gonna lie, I'd be pretty stoked to buy Glamuur Fusion Max after that ad promo by Eddie

  36. Laquo
    2 dagen geleden

    22:01 This sounds like my mom when she sees a spider, Then her cursing at it when I'm taking it outside.

  37. H3r0 D3nki
    H3r0 D3nki
    2 dagen geleden

    Real quick I have a question do u watch my hero?

  38. ꧁Emerald꧂
    2 dagen geleden

    Not me playing a horror game and watching this nope not me

  39. leo kentli
    leo kentli
    2 dagen geleden

    your channel is dying

  40. Synapse X
    Synapse X
    2 dagen geleden

    i got a pic was ur email i send it 2 u

  41. element playss
    element playss
    3 dagen geleden

    "Perro" polegic steve

  42. element playss
    element playss
    3 dagen geleden

    if i see this baby im gonna "Shaytan ar-Rajeem" this fucking baby out of existence

  43. nick ang
    nick ang
    3 dagen geleden

    4:35 **eddie be like” “Awa awa awa” **my mind** Me: “ara ara?”

  44. +Rainy_Days+
    3 dagen geleden

    Eddie: Paraplegic Steve did you shit you're self in colors? Me: *Wheezing my ass off*

  45. Orange Soarin
    Orange Soarin
    3 dagen geleden

    3:27 eddie is so immature and thats why this is my favorite channel XD

  46. Night Woke
    Night Woke
    3 dagen geleden

    28:00 what did he sayyyyyyy

  47. Nan
    3 dagen geleden

    IK a fact and a rule in horror games fact: if you can sprint or have places to hide you are FUCKED /rule: DO NEVER EVER EVER TURN AROUD

  48. MellyMel720
    3 dagen geleden

    I can just see Eddie trying to be poetic with Gabby and she's all expecting romance and he says " Like a jar of mayo that hasn't been opened yet" lmao

  49. Jaden Coleman
    Jaden Coleman
    3 dagen geleden

    I heard a whimpering dog when the painting burst into flames

  50. :]boywithnoname:[
    3 dagen geleden

    what if quackity and eddie meet up and play these games- that would be so fking cool😦🖐

  51. sillyAce123
    3 dagen geleden

    What dose pendejo mean agin

  52. Danny Kozina
    Danny Kozina
    3 dagen geleden

    Eddie found out what the most terrifying vegetable is. A paraplegic ghost. 🤣🤣

  53. Hope Edwards
    Hope Edwards
    3 dagen geleden

    24:12 my name is Hope😂

  54. Michele Linbarger
    Michele Linbarger
    3 dagen geleden

    My brother invited me to do vr fnaf help wanted and I was doing the bonny thing and I chickend out im such an idiot like bruh this is the reason I only do fnaf on computer/laptop or phone/tablet 😑😓

  55. BlackCat
    4 dagen geleden

    3:34 that instant change made me cackle

    4 dagen geleden

    Nah nah am not playing that f*cking game f*ck that and that doll f*ck that

      4 dagen geleden

      Pls don't tell me I have to play this 😩😩😨

  57. [Nikki•••Chan]
    4 dagen geleden

    Eddie when the dog starts barking: OWA OWA OWA OWA me:*Wheezze*

  58. fatoom alsuwaidi
    fatoom alsuwaidi
    4 dagen geleden

    That’s a fish a bloody one

  59. Zero Sinnu Seku
    Zero Sinnu Seku
    4 dagen geleden


  60. Sleepy Shallet
    Sleepy Shallet
    4 dagen geleden

    Ad is 5..

  61. Sleepy Shallet
    Sleepy Shallet
    4 dagen geleden

    Ad is 2..

  62. RobloxandEverythingAmir George
    RobloxandEverythingAmir George
    4 dagen geleden


  63. Brandonlee H
    Brandonlee H
    4 dagen geleden

    Why does 6:08 look like mully?! 😂😂😂

  64. Erica Yami
    Erica Yami
    4 dagen geleden

    I hate dolls...

    4 dagen geleden

    his wife is your agualita

    4 dagen geleden

    dawg wheres your jesus wa

  67. Mr Sharko
    Mr Sharko
    4 dagen geleden

    Cekalakacioko WEY CEKALAKACIOKO

  68. samantamankeviciute
    4 dagen geleden

    Sorry about that

  69. samantamankeviciute
    4 dagen geleden

    I love all your video's I watch every single one everyday I love them soon m

  70. Red mir 8
    Red mir 8
    4 dagen geleden

    His Mexican accent 😭😭

  71. Cameron West
    Cameron West
    4 dagen geleden

    How old is Ollie?????

  72. hope gardner
    hope gardner
    4 dagen geleden

    Yo Eddie next time you play plz use the montitor dam I can’t spell

  73. Xyborder
    4 dagen geleden

    Your so funny and awesome

  74. Seth perkins
    Seth perkins
    4 dagen geleden

    Eddie screamed like a girl!!!😂😂😄😄😅😅😆😆

  75. Anime Guy
    Anime Guy
    4 dagen geleden

    Wait Eddie is your dad Rey mysterio or Eddie Guerrero that died ur name is Eddie 🥺😳😢

  76. Quitekid c-137
    Quitekid c-137
    4 dagen geleden

    I can not get scared

    4 dagen geleden


  78. Darwin Saucedo
    Darwin Saucedo
    5 dagen geleden

    U should play The joy of creation

  79. Quang Huy Trịnh
    Quang Huy Trịnh
    5 dagen geleden

    6 days since eddie upload

  80. Kay Singleton
    Kay Singleton
    5 dagen geleden

    Mully: WE CHILLIN

  81. Kay Singleton
    Kay Singleton
    5 dagen geleden

    Me when I play this game: .just slings open door runs down the hall screaming.

  82. Kay Singleton
    Kay Singleton
    5 dagen geleden

    Someone tell me what he's saying I don't know what he's saying I don't speak taco bell!

  83. Jill Zkjill
    Jill Zkjill
    5 dagen geleden

    Eddie can you please put a heart monitor when you play this game again? I want to see it

  84. Icebox & Firebox
    Icebox & Firebox
    5 dagen geleden

    Pls play walking dead pls

  85. Brit Watkins
    Brit Watkins
    5 dagen geleden

    Crap is life for you

    1. Brit Watkins
      Brit Watkins
      5 dagen geleden

      Idk why it make vr to crap

    2. Brit Watkins
      Brit Watkins
      5 dagen geleden

      I mean Vr

  86. Gacha_heat_bestie_1
    5 dagen geleden

    I don’t space Taco Bell-

  87. Gacha_heat_bestie_1
    5 dagen geleden

    It’s 1:35

  88. Cj Is illegal
    Cj Is illegal
    5 dagen geleden

    Hey Eddie, as a Mexican guy with long hair like yours, here’s a tip to help it out. Make sure you always use good shampoo to keep your hair soft and glossy

  89. Britney Means
    Britney Means
    5 dagen geleden

    What brand set does Eddie use????? 😭😭😭

  90. teh wei hoong
    teh wei hoong
    5 dagen geleden

    6:08 15:01 16:14 18:04 20:07 22:02 25:41 25:48 29:38 i'm sorry ,but this is very funny🤣

  91. snail_ strawberry
    snail_ strawberry
    5 dagen geleden

    I'm showing this to my uncle

  92. dragongamer
    5 dagen geleden

    play at dead of night i need the jumpscares please :)

  93. mark karl
    mark karl
    5 dagen geleden

    Hi Eddie!

    1. MxntyVFX
      5 dagen geleden

      Hi mark

  94. Mizuku Miku
    Mizuku Miku
    5 dagen geleden

    Pls do Devour 🥺🥺

  95. Maranda DuChesne
    Maranda DuChesne
    5 dagen geleden

    That looks like the choupacabru

  96. Junior cruz
    Junior cruz
    5 dagen geleden

    Juego de terro

  97. Junior cruz
    Junior cruz
    5 dagen geleden

    Juega lalipop

  98. Alexander Davis
    Alexander Davis
    5 dagen geleden


  99. Bububoy
    5 dagen geleden

    Can you give me a taco and a shout out

  100. Jim Mothershead
    Jim Mothershead
    5 dagen geleden

    The good thing about eddie playing horror games is that I can learn spanish